The Spanish Penal Code establishes in its article nº 31 bis the penal responsibility of the enterprises when people linked to them, whether they are their administrative, employees or contributors committing a crime within the area of its business activity.

With a Crime Prevention Model in your enterprise you will be able to exonerate of such responsibility.

Hostelex Consulting offers you legal coverage needed for the implementation of this Crime Prevention Model, established in the Penal Code.


If you have a Crime Prevention in Enterprise Model this is what we give to you:


  • Analyze and identify the penal risk in increased incidences.
  • Identify the susceptible processes of risk and establish the necessary barriers.
  • Define and design a protocol of policy-making.
  • Drafting or revision of Ethnic Code and the Policies of Prevention and Control.
  • Establish a structure of control with the naming of the oversight body.
  • Design an ethnic and complaint way.
  • Implement a disciplinary system.
  • Carry out a formation and awareness Plan.
  • Regular reviews and model actualization.

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